About Us

Halamar specialises in the design and development of aspirational residential assets.

The team comprises of specialists in their field dedicated to sourcing, acquiring and designing the most luxurious classical and stylish contemporary residences.

Halamar delivers exquisite modern and stylish solutions, within a classical idiom, tailor-made to the needs of our discerning clients, whilst maintaining optimum character of the surrounding areas in a subtle synthesis of magnificence.

Each design element resonates in an elegant flow and delicate fusion of old and new.  The finest and most extraordinary locations are analysed and researched at length and selected for our developments in order to exceed expectations.

The unparalleled creativity envisaged by Halamar utilises the only the finest materials derived from world renowned specialists, artists and craftsmen.

Our cutting-edge teams are loyal to an exclusive clique of commissions, permitting only the highest standards and exceptionally close attention to detail.