The Halamar hallmark is one of skill and creativity, expertly marrying an ability to secure the most prominent development sites and bring them to life with exemplary craftsmanship. Our design elements captivate with an elegant flow and delicate fusion of old and new.

With over 8 years of experience under our belt, we have built a specificity in identifying notable development sites in London’s leading residential neighborhoods. Our dedicated team of in house designers and skilled craftsmen work earnestly on these sites, creating development stories that earmark precedence and potential. 

The end result is effortless turn-key living quarters that immediately strike a chord with the most discerning buyers.


Our foundations are rooted in the language of classical architecture, the use of the finest materials and incorporation of the latest technology.

We pride ourselves on the experience of our dedicated in-house team and meticulous craftsmen, who work solely on selected commissions.

As standard within all our homes are authentic materials, bespoke solutions and a respect for heritage.

Halamar is today renowned for developing exquisite homes that resonate with both local and international clients. 

As a private British company, we pride ourselves on being transparent, creating attractive investment opportunities and mitigating risks for investors and stakeholders.